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Simulants currently available:
Highland Simulant (Anorthosite rich) including agglutinates
Highland Simulant (Anorthosite rich) not including agglutinates
Lowland/Mare Simulant (Basalt rich) including agglutinates
Lowland/Mare Simulant (Basalt rich) not including agglutinates

We can provide Custom Simulants.

We will require a Security Deposit based upon individual contracts. Most contracts allow for small reduction of regolith lost while in use, however excessive loss will be charged at an agreed upon rate. Exact terms will be included in the use agreement.

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Lab Rental

With OPR’s recent move, our Labs are currently under construction.

However, if you have need of a portable lab, please Contact Us for a quote.

Please Contact Us for Quote.
Our base lab rental includes:
Refreshing simulant
General maintenance
Basic operations space
One Engineering Support person
Light mechanical support*

Additional services will be billed at an appropriate rate (ie. Forklift):
Additional Engineering Support
Specialized Topography
Aggressive Testing (ie. Drilling that will severely alter simulant)
Includes replacing simulant and fixing topography
Exclusive work space or office space
Designated space beside control area
Pressurized mini Chamber
Custom Simulant
Distroyed Simulant

All rental, service fees, and deposits are required at time of reservation. Additional services can be added on as requested and may be charged against the deposit or billed at a later date.
*Any additional machine shop services will need to be through a third-party shop. OPR can facilitate these interactions for an additional fee.

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Component Testing

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We will test your components in-house. Testing can include varying extreme temperature ranges, constant or changing exposure to regolith, hands-on or mechanical assembly and disassembly, etc. 

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Types of consultations we provide:
In Person Consultation/Support

Licensing of intellectual property or products will be priced as negotiated.

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