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Simulants currently available:
Highland simulant (anorthosite-rich) including agglutinates
Highland simulant (anorthosite-rich) not including agglutinates
Mare simulant (basalt-rich) including agglutinates
Mare simulant (basalt-rich) not including agglutinates

Lunar ice simulants

We can provide custom simulants.

Found out more about our simulants here.

Lab Rental

With OPR’s recent move, our labs are currently under construction.

However, if you have need of a portable lab, please Contact Us for a quote.

Component Testing

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We will test your components in-house. Testing can include varying extreme temperature ranges, constant or changing exposure to regolith, and hands-on or mechanical assembly and disassembly, etc. 

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Types of consultations we provide:
In Person Consultation/Support

Licensing of intellectual property or products will be priced as negotiated.

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