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Off Planet Research

Member of the Lunar Exploration Advisory Group Commercial Advisory Board


The overall objective of Off Planet Research is to create a unique and sought after research facility that simulates extra-terrestrial environments for testing space technology and conducting research and development. We offer resources which dramatically increase mission assurance, cost effectiveness, and speed of development of safe and effective space-based technologies.

The technologies and economics of affordably getting to Earth orbit and beyond are currently being developed; our goal is to make those journeys worthwhile. The key to a meaningful, enduring human presence beyond Earth orbit is learning how to live and work on the Moon and other worlds safely and productively.

Our current focus is the Moon: In order for humanity to have a significant presence anywhere beyond low Earth orbit, we must first utilize the resources on the Moon. We produce high quality simulants that emulate the regolith and ices on the Moon, and conduct lunar technology testing in our lab.

We design, adapt, and test components and processes for inclusion in future lunar missions.

We advise other organizations in the design of landers, rovers, and processes for future missions to the Moon.

Our long-term goals beyond our lunar program include our Mars simulation program, our reduced gravity program, and our Small Worlds program that will simulate asteroids, comets, and moons of other planets.



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