Off Planet Research


Vince Roux


Vince has clear memories of his father working late nights at home on the Apollo lunar rover in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s while working at Boeing. In second grade Vince’s class was gathered around a small black and white television set in 1972 watching Harrison “Jack” Schmitt collect samples while walking on the Moon. Like so many people of his era, Vince decided his future was in Space. Fast forwarding about forty years finds Vince and his business partner Melissa talking with Jack Schmitt, himself at the Lunar Exploration and Analysis Group Conference in 2017 about their work! Along the way Vince worked in aerospace in various capacities from small aircraft maintenance to building rockets. After a lifetime of effort, Vince met one of his long-term goals of completing his Mechanical Engineering degree at Saint Martin’s University in 2017. Vince founded Off Planet Research in 2015.

Melissa Roth


Melissa grew up in Boeing’s backyard. She has always been fascinated with airplanes and travel. Several influential people suggested Melissa consider studying engineering because of her love of math. She began studying mechanical engineering at Saint Martin’s University with the intent of joining Boeing after graduation. The switch to the space industry was unexpected but still follows her goals of getting her- and technology- off the ground. Melissa has been instrumental in the design and construction of many of the unique processes used to produce one of the most critical materials in the aerospace industry. Melissa joined Off Planet Research as a co-owner in 2017